Do persons with permission to reside and persons with temporary suspension of deportation status lose their benefit entitlements under the Asylum-Seekers Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz) when they are in employment?

The earnings are deducted from the benefits granted under the Asylum-Seekers Benefits Act. The social welfare office with local responsibility will provide more information.
There may be a right to a training scholarship when taking up vocational training, depending on the type of training and the personal circumstances. This leads to the cancellation of the entitlement under the Asylum-Seekers Benefits Act, but there may be an entitlement to housing benefit. Further information on vocational training and promotion can be obtained from the careers advisors at the local Employment Agency, and further information on social security is available from the municipal agencies such as the housing benefit office or the training scholarships (BaföG) office.