General information

An asylum seeker is directed to a certain reception center. This “distribution” is based on several criteria and is determined with the help of the “EASY”  system (initial distribution of asylum seekers).
“Distribution” means that the asylum seekers are directed towards a reception centre which is responsible for them, using certain criteria. Before the distribution can take place, the foreigner has to report to a public authority as asylum seeker. This can happen in two ways. The first possibility is to report when entering Germany. For this purpose he can report to the border authority who can then forward him to the nearest reception centre. This does not apply when the entry has to be denied because, for example, the person comes from a safe third country. The second possibility is to identify oneself as asylum seeker after entry into Germany. He is then also forwarded to the nearest reception centre.
The next step is the “distribution”, the directing towards the appropriate reception centre. Unless the asylum seeker is already situated in the appropriate reception centre, he has to go to the one he is assigned to. Once there, he needs to apply for asylum at the corresponding branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.