Help and Helpers

Points of contact for help are the municipal administrative offices and parish offices of the relevant municipality of the rural district.

Birgit Weber
Mehrgenerationenhaus Rehau
Maxplatz 12
95111 Rehau
Tel: 09283 59240120
Fax: 09283 59240299

Hotline of the Diakonie (deaconry for social welfare) for refugee assistance
The new hotline has the task to steer all offers of help in the right direction, such as voluntary work, donations and others ways of support for the refugees. The most important goal is that everything needed reaches the people who need it.
Contact: Luise Fochler
Monday through Thursday: 8am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 12 noon
Mobile phone: 01704596358
The hotline is staffed from October 21, 2015 on


Integration guides
The placement of integration guides on request is coordinated by Dr. Katharina Bunzmann at the municipal administration of Hof
Tel: 09281 8151790