Study and vocational training in Germany – Students?

A residence permit can be issued to a foreign student for the purpose of studying in Germany for a period of at least one year and no more than two years (§ 16 subs. 1 sent. 5 Res. Act). The study has to represent the main purpose of the stay, an evening or weekend study or a correspondence program is therefore not sufficient. Skills in the study language are under certain conditions not required (§ 16 subs. 1 sentence 4 Res.Act). Employment on a limited basis as well as study related jobs are permitted (§ 16 subs. 3 Res.Act).
Students who have been issued a residence permit from another EU country for the purpose of  university studies might ,under certain conditions, also receive a residence permit for the purpose of university studies in Germany (§ 16 subs. 6 Res.Act).
Graduates of a German University are under certain conditions entitled to be issued a permanent residence permit after two years already.