Who does the compulsory schooling rule apply to?

A person who fulfills the age requirements and has his residence in Bavaria or receives vocational training or is employed, is subject to compulsory schooling.
Compulsory schooling in Bavaria lasts 12 (school) years and is divided in fulltime compulsory schooling and compulsory vocational schooling.
Subject to compulsory schooling in Bavaria is who
• has a permission to reside according to the Asylum Procedure Act
• has a residence permit according to the Asylum Procedure Act
• has a temporary suspension of deportation status according to § 60a of the Asylum Procedure Act
• is enforceable obligated to leave, also if the deportation order is not yet or not anymore enforceable.

In the above cases 1 and 2 compulsory schooling begins three months after arrival of the person or his or her legal guardian from the foreign country.
The legal guardians are obligated to register the child at the school to be attended. As a rule, the elementary or secondary schools of a school district of the place of residence are responsible. The registration for attendance of the school in case of influx from a foreign country takes place in accordance with article 36 BAyEUG.

legal basis: article 35 section 1 and 2 of the BayEUG, article 36 BayEUG.