Who is entitled to benefits?

Entitled to benefits are all foreigners
• who are indeed residing in Germany and are in the possession of a permission to reside according to the  Asylum Procedure Act (AsylVfG) (= asylum seekers)
• who want to enter Germany at an airport and whose entry is not or not yet permitted (= asylum seekers in the airport proceeding  of the AsylVfG)
• who are in possession of a residence permit in accordance with § 23 subs. 1 or § 24 of the Residence Act (AufenthG) due to the war in their homeland, in accordance with § 25 subs.4 sentence 1 of the Residence Act or in accordance with §25 subs. 5, provided that the decision about the suspension of their deportation has been no longer than 18 months ago.
• who are in the possession of a temporary suspension of  deportation (Duldung) in accordance with § 60a of the Residence Act.
• who are obliged to leave, even if the pending deportation is not yet or not anymore executable.(=as a rule denied asylum seekers).
• as well as spouses, life partners or minor children of the named person
• who have applied for a follow up application in accordance with § 71 of the Asylum Procedure Act or have filed a secondary application in accordance with § 71a.