Sports and Clubs

What happens in case of an injury? Do refugees have health insurance?

Persons with a limited or unlimited residence title, a permission to reside or a temporary suspension of deportation (Duldung) are principally insured or are entitled to have access to medical care, even if they don’t work or earn very little.

Who pays for damages in case of an accident?

Principally, the (statutory or private) health insurance of the affected person covers the medical care initially. Furthermore are all sports clubs, if they belong to a federal sports association (Landessportbund or Landessportverband LSB /LSV), and their members insured for liability, accident and in most cases also for legal expenses in the framework of a group insurance. This is also true for refugees if they are members in the sports club.

Does a liability insurance also exist in case of damages to third parties?

The same legal provisions are true for refugees, if they are members, as for all other members, that means protection is ensured under the general terms.

Are only members of the sports club insured?

Are refugees allowed to receive a player passport? An eligibility to play has to be applied for by the club at the appropriate federal sports association. A valid residence title or a so called “blue residency card”, a permission to reside or a temporary suspension of deportation (Duldung) is required for the application. Children up to the end of nine years of age have to hand in only a copy of the personal document (e.g. permission to reside etc.) in addition to the application.

Children from 10 years of age on and above and adults also need, according to FIFA guidelines, a so called international transfer certificate ITC. This is true for soccer at least. The application for the ITC takes place within the application process at the federal sports association and comes from the relevant country of origin. Any other possibly needed documents should be discussed with the individual sports club.

Is it possible for refugees to do voluntary work in a sports club?

Yes, refugees can work on a voluntary basis, that is unpaid, in a sports club without official authorization from the immigration office. The extent of the work in the individual case has to be discussed with the immigration office. Expense allowance for some work activity is possible but depends on the work permit and also the exact residence title. Again, details are to be discussed with the immigration offices.